Press Release: RE: International Day of the African Child – IDAC 2022

16th June, 2022

WUZDA Ghana has over the years been championing the course of ensuring all children of school going age get the opportunity to be in school. This, the organization believes is one of the surest ways the country can begin to reduce the harmful effects that accompany child school drop outs.

The International Day of the African Child 2022 calls for advocacy for the child to have access to quality education without barriers.

The theme “Eliminating harmful Practices Affecting Children: Progress on Policy and Practice Since 2013”, puts side by side, the efforts of policy makers and implementers, as well as complimenting agencies such as WUZDA Ghana, to push efforts aimed at making education much better for the African child.

WUZDA Ghana in all our programmes put the interests of the child ahead, because we believe if the rights of the child are protected well enough, the narrative will be changed, with society raising more responsible adults.

Even our various programmatic approaches which seek to empower the woman, put the child as the priority, where we believe the woman’s empowerment helps her to better support the child’s education and health.

Aside our projects which directly focus on improving education and ending child marriage, providing access to safe sanitation services to households and institutions, our vegetable cultivation support project for rural communities known as “FaPUOWaFLiS”, enables households to engage in economically viable farming, which helps improve their nutrition and economic wellbeing, extending mainly to the child.

The following are ways you can join in celebration of the African child and to make a difference in your community:

1.      Make a donation to a child facility that is in need.

2.      Volunteer at a local school in your community or spend some quality time with some kids, with the little you have.

3.      Learn more about the issues of Africa, her history, her various peoples as well as her kids and their challenges, or teach it to others.

Make a difference today!

Happy African Child Day!

Shaibu Awudu

(Media/ Communications Officer)

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