PRESS RELEASE – International Earth Day 2022 – 22nd April, 2022

By: WUZDA Ghana Communications

What if nature existed not? What if the environment was not conducive enough to house humans? What if humans had extreme difficulty in breathing and living, due to the absence of nature? Is that even possible?

On Earth Day today, WUZDA Ghana needs you to reflect on these questions, which could ‘kill’ mother earth, if you do not check your activities.

You can help build a future where nature and people thrive. It starts with how you treat the environment from today.

 Poor sanitation is one of the ways the nature suffers from human activity. According to the Water and Sanitation Programme of Ghana’s website, in Ghana, approximately 19,000 Ghanaians, including 5,100 children under 5, die each year from diarrhea – nearly 90% of which is directly attributed to poor water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

WUZDA Ghana’s “Farm – Promoting Urban Organic Waste for Food and Livelihood Security” project, contributes to saving freshwater and preserving water sources in the rural areas of Northern Ghana, with its usage of drip technology for watering vegetables in some communities.

The project also encourages the use of organic compost for the cultivation of the vegetables, to ensure nature breaths fine.

Through the ‘FaPUOWAFLiS’ project, we protect the Climate, Forests, Freshwater and ensure Food Security.

What are you doing? You can go from zero to planet hero this 2022! “Invest In our Planet“, as the theme for Earth Day – 2022, enjoins you to engage in “tiny actions” such as, source sustainable produce, reuse and upcycle waste, reduce food waste and reconnect with nature.

Take action today! It involves you! Mother earth can either die or survive through your action!

Happy International Earth Day 2022!


Shaibu Awudu – Media and Communications Officer

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