About WUZDA Ghana

WUZDA Ghana is a ‘Not – for – Profit’ Non – Governmental Organization based in Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana.

WUZDA Ghana started operating as an idea in the late 90s, but was recognized by the Registrar’s Department where it acquired its legal status to operate as a business.

Following that, the organization acquired its certificate from the Social Welfare Department to operate as a recognized NGO.

WUZDA Ghana has a five – member Board of Advisors who meet every quarter to review key activities and to deliberate on matters of interest to the growth of the organization.

Our Mission

Development of effective strategies and plans to focus on enhancing capacity of the vulnerable and the excluded in society to acquaint themselves with civil rights, personal liberties and adequate protection; guarantee and ensure all rights and protection clauses enshrined in the national constitution and international protocols are adhered to in order to bring adequate human security and justice for all citizens.

Our Vision

Ensure the promotion of well sensitized and enlightened society where civil rights, personal liberties and justice prevails for all. Promoting social cohesion in the development of human society.

Core Programme

WUZDA Ghana runs several programmes as interventions in various communities for human and social empowerment, as well as poverty alleviation.

Our foundational principle has over the years been built on one key thematic area, which is Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

Through this programme, WUZDA Ghana has constructed over 500 household latrines across the Tamale Metropolis, Savelugu and Sagnarigu Municipal.

We have also facilitated for communities to construct water storage facilities to help curb water shortages and misuse in the rural communities.

Other Programmes

Quality Basic Education, Livelihood Initiatives and Governance and Accountability and COVID – 19.


The management system of WUZDA Ghana is one of internal decentralization, where the leader of the organization does not take decisions solely. The highest title in WUZDA Ghana is ‘Programme Manager’.

The Programme Manager is in charge of supervising all administrative actions taken by other officers within the management especially the Finance and Administrative Officer.

The Programme Manager also oversees all the technical activities of the organization from planning through implementation of projects, to reporting.

This is because WUZDA Ghana wishes to in the next few years, position itself as one of the reference points for technical knowledge on development activities.

The organization has a Board of Advisors at the governing level, a Secretariat at the higher administrative level and a Programme Manager who oversees its day – to – day decision – making and Programme operations.


Communication is very key in the successes of WUZDA Ghana’s operations. The Media and Communications Department of the organization plays a cross – cutting role through all the departments.

The Media and Communications department has the responsibility to disseminate information from the organization to the public, as well as fine tune and simplify communication that goes to its donors regarding project implementation.

The Media and Communications Desk of WUZDA Ghana is currently being managed by an officer who is a full time employee and playing all the roles in that regard.

Media is added to the portfolio of this office because WUZDA Ghana believes that before an organization can succeed, it needs to be publicized and for an organization to be publicized well enough for people to follow its works, it needs the media, hence the decision to make a technical officer in that field become a link between the organization and the media.

Our Partners

WUZDA Ghana has worked with many external partners (donors) since its inception in 2004. Currently, the organization is working with three strategic partners on various intervention programmes including Bread for the World in Germany, Difaem in Germany and Mundo Cooperante in Spain.

WUZDA Ghana is member to many networks of CSOs and NGOs both local and international. Some of these networks include the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in the Water and Sanitation Sector (CONIWAS), Girls Not Brides – Ghana (GNB – Ghana), Alliance for Future Generations (AFG – Ghana), West Africa Network for PeaceBuilding (WANEP) and many more.

Current Projects


Funding – Bread for the World – Germany
The Farm-Promoting Urban Organic Waste for Food and Livelihood Security (FaPUOWaFLiS) Project is core in the projects we are currently running.

The project seeks to support 129 farmers, male and female, in six communities through vegetable cultivation with the use of the drip irrigation technology.

Also, as part of the project, small ruminants are distributed to the farmers for support on use of their droppings for compost preparation.

The communities benefiting from this initiative are Manguli, Duunyin, Datoyili – Golinga, Wovogu, Wovoguma and Nyoglo – Libiga.

(Optimized A24Y – Policy Prioritization as a Factor)
Funding – Mundo Cooperante

The Right To Be A Girl (After 24 Years Before Marriage – A24Y), which was a pilot implemented in 2019, was an approach to impacting the girl child to focus on her schooling and not in anyway be interested in marriage, until after 24 Years.

It also seeks to create the awareness of parents to send and leave their girl child in school to ensure a better future for them.

After the pilot project ended, there was the need to scale up, this time, looking at policies regarding girl child development and its implement.

The main objective of the A24Y Project, as well as the Optimized A24Y – Policy Prioritization as a factor project, is to allow for the girl child to go through formal education up to the University level, or completing a skill training of choice and establishing herself to be able to support the home and not depend fully on the man.

The target groups for this project are 100 girls of the Prisons School Complex in Tamale and a parent each for the child, making a total of 100 hundred parents, Jantong – Fushila and Dakpemyili communities in the Savannah Region, as direct beneficiaries .


Funding – Difaem

The “Promoting Community Based Enhanced Health Systems Management Approach Preventing Contracting COVID – 19” ProBESPCoD Project is our key intervention on contributing to minimizing the spread of COVID – 19 across the Northern Region of Ghana.

The project targets all residents in ten communities; five MMDAs across the northern region.

The communities are Manguli, Duunyin, Datoyili, Golinga, Nyoglo, Libiga, Ziang, Nantong Changnaayili, Wovogu and Wovoguma.

Two educational institutions; the Prisons School Complex in Tamale and the Community Technical and Vocational School in the Sagnarigu Municipality are part of the beneficiary institutions in the project.

Four health facilities have been selected, one from each MMDA as focal points for health care delivery to the people in the respective geographical areas.

The MMDAs in which the project is being carried out are Tamale Metropolitan Area, Sagnarigu and Savelugu Municipal Areas, Nantong and Tolon Districts.

The vehicle on which the “ProBESPCoD” project runs is the Alliance for Future Generations – AFG.