WUZDA Ghana and Partners Round off First Quarter Activities under CEsMASPRED Project

The “Cost – Effective Strategy Influencing Mass Response to COVID – 19 Vaccine” (CEsMASPRED), being implemented by WUZDA Ghana and its local partners under the Alliance for Future Generations (AFG – Ghana), is a project which aims at complementing the various efforts by the government and some private bodies, towards the recording of 100% vaccination of Ghanaians against the COVID – 19 pandemic.

As of 11th February, 2022, a total of 12,173,367 doses of the COVID – 19 vaccines had been administered across the country. Of this, 4,626,623 (23.1%) of the 20 million of the targeted Ghanaians had been fully vaccinated of the pandemic.

Also, out of the 20 million Ghanaians targeted, 8,532,623 (42.7%) have received at least 1 dose of vaccine, while 91,057 persons have received their first booster dose.

The Cost – Effective Strategy Influencing Mass Response to COVID – 19 Vaccine “CEsMASPRED) project, is contributing in a number of ways, to help in the achievement of the national targets of population to be vaccinated within a period.

The CEsMASPRED’s main objective is to contribute to countering the hesitancy among the populace, regarding the vaccine, as well as break the myths and misconceptions surrounding it, with the provision of information.

Hesitancy among the people regarding the COVID – 19 vaccine, has grown, especially in the rural areas of the Northern Ghana, where many still believe the virus does not even exist, hence, no need for them to be vaccinated.

The “CEsMASPRED” project is being implemented by WUZDA Ghana and 6 other NGOs as implementing partners, in 7 MMDAs across the Northern and Savannah Regions, ie; Tamale Metropolis, Yendi, Savelugu and Sagnarigu Municipalities, Nanton, Central and West Gonja Districts.

Two communities in each MMDA, have been made direct beneficiaries of the eighteen month project, which took off in December, 2021 and will end in May, 2023.

The implementing partners are drawn from the Alliance for Future Generations (AFG – Ghana), to which WUZDA Ghana is a member and hosts the Chair; the highest position in the Alliance.

The IPs include Songtaba, FoRD – Ghana, IMA, WUZDA Ghana, CIWED, CEO and AFORD Foundation.

The activities for the first quarter for each IP, included an inception exercise in each of the communities, baseline data collection, community durbar in each community and a capacity building exercise for the community health volunteers who would be gathering information on the state of vaccination and sending out information from the IP to the residents.

Each implementing partner, is working in two communities in two MMDAs, but has an additional responsibility of being a technical reference to a specific call of a wider area of development.

This additional responsibility, is expected to help the communities in the solutions of some of their long – term developmental challenges.

The 18 – month “Cost – Effective Strategy Influencing Mass Response to COVID – 19 Vaccine – CEsMASPRED” project, is being funded by Difaem.

The project is also in close collaboration with the Ghana Health Service in the respective MMDAs.

Below are photos of the activities from each IP’s in the communities.

WUZDA Ghana’s activities in Buipe Yipala and Kotia and Amanja in Yapei – Central Gonja District>>>

FoRD Ghana’s Activities in Nyoglo and Libiga in the Savelugu Municipality>>>

AFORD Foundation’s Activities in Damongo and Laribanga in the West Gonja Municipality>>>

Songtaba’s Activities in Gnani and Yendi in the Yendi Municipality>>>

IMA’s Activities in Wovogu and Wovoguma in the Sagnarigu Municipality>>>

CEO’s Activities in Changnaayili in the Tamale Metropolis>>>

CIWED’s Activities in Zieng and Tampion in the Nanton District>>>

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