WUZDA Ghana Provides Cash Credit to Support Rural Women in Income Generation

Women in Bamvim Dohini have been fortunate to have benefited from WUZDA Ghana’s credit support to improve on their various trading activities, under WUZDA Ghana’s Women Income Generation Support, as part of the Livelihood Initiatives programme.

The aim of the credit support, is to help raise the level of income generation by women in rural communities across northern Ghana, through the various economic activities they are engaged in.

Over the past 10 years, WUZDA Ghana has been supporting women in communities in and around Tamale, both in cash and training, to aid them better manage their trading activities.

In December, 2021, the Suglo Nbori Buni Women Group in Bamvim Dohini, which has a membership of 15, was advanced with a total amount of Gh¢16,900 as credit support, which was distributed across, for improvement of their various petty trades.

The women, who are mostly involved in buying and selling of wares and cooked food, were put together in a grouping, to increase their capacities and understanding in group and household management.

This group formation and management is also meant to help WUZDA Ghana in the recovery of the funds advanced to the women.

Officer in charge of Marketing and Credit, Salifu Mahamud, who also encourages the women to join a group of Village Savings and Loans Association in the community to help check the recovery process, has the responsibility of providing periodic business capacity support to the women and to monitor their trading activities for improvements.

The payment of the credit, is done on a weekly basis, as the officer visits and meets with the group, whose members agree on an amount to be paid periodically.

These funds are from a support fund instituted by WUZDA Ghana, meant to be revolving, which growth is monitored annually, with the management of it reviewed within that period if need be.

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