WUZDA Conducts Survey On Its Latrine Credit Facility For Responsive Service Delivery

As part of efforts to strengthen response to service delivery to communities in the area of household and institutional latrine provision, the Wuni Zaligu Development Association (WUZDA) is conducting a survey to know the tastes and preferences of members in and outside its operational areas across the Northern Region, regarding its WASH initiatives especially under the latrine credit module.

The survey, which samples 24 households spread in cross section of the Tamale Metropolis and the Sagnarigu District out of the over 350 that have benefited from WUZDA’s latrine credit facility, asked questions ranging from design of the various ranges and types of latrine, utilization, management and difficulties, and the flexibility or otherwise of the latrine credit module in terms of repayment.

WUZDA has provided about 356 households across the Northern Region with latrines through its latrine credit facility between 2011 and 2015. It has also constructed 8 institutional latrines for schools and other institutions.

The survey was to provide a community response approach to WUZDA’s WASH service provision in the latrine module.

The organization also aims at using outcomes from the survey to craft content for education, sensitization and awareness creation on the need for households owning latrines and the consequences the opposite may have on their health and well being.

Programme Manager for WUZDA, Mr. Abdul Karim Ziblim says a lot needs to be done when it comes to household latrine ownership.

According to him, it is important for authorities to consider first, making community members understand the need for them to construct latrines in their homes and the effects which may occur if they lack them and continue defecating in the open, even as the laws on sanitation are being enforced.

The survey is being carried out by WUZDA’s Governance and Accountability officer, Rahinatu Abdulai and Media/ Communications Officer, Shaibu Awudu and is being coordinated by WASH Programme Officer, Ibrahim Abdul Ganiyu.

WUZDA will update you on the final outcome of the survey and your inputs will be welcome.

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