WUZDA Donates Hand Washing Facilities To Tamale Polytechnic

The Wuni Zaligu Development Association (WUZDA), a charity non-profit nongovernmental Organization has made donations of movable hand washing facilities and a carton of bar soap to the Tamale Polytechnic to help promote effective hand washing with soap on the campus.

The donation was made at the launch of a weeklong celebration of women at the Tamale polytechnic, spearheaded by the WOCOM under the theme “empowering women in taking up leadership position in nation building”.

The programme had environmental health and sanitation running through it which is where WUZDA has a major focus.

In a speech, the representative of WUZDA, also the Governance and Accountability officer, Rahinatu Alhassan said “WUZDA as a WASH organization is concerned about poor sanitation and hygiene situations relative to health hazards women and children are faced with.

WUZDA believes advocacy on awareness creation, capacity development of individuals, households and institutions for the enhancement of effective sanitation and hygiene practices in order to promote the health of the citizenry must be a prioritized satisfaction”.

Madam Rahinatu added that it is obvious that water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases affect teaching and learning in our educational institutions and therefore the attempt by the leadership of the student body and school authority to launch this programme attempting to tackle this, could not have come at a better time.

According to Rahinatu, this good initiative embarked upon by the polytechnic should not be seen as a nine day wonder.

Efforts should be made to sustain it through effective planning by putting specific mechanisms and approaches in place to ensure continuity.

On her part, the women’s commissioner for WOCOM at the Tamale Polytechnic, Miss Zubeiru Rashidatu intimated that issues of sanitation and hygiene have health repercussions on individuals and it is good WUZDA has taken up the challenge to support the school with the hand washing facilities.

According to Miss Rashidatu, it is very hard to find a hand washing facility on campus where after visiting the washroom, students could wash their hands.

She said with the very few facilities that are available, it is hard to see students washing their hands with soap because it is not provided.

She however showed her joy and appreciation to WUZDA for reaching out to them and for helping solve the issues of sanitation and hygiene through its speech at the launch of the program and with the provision of the hand washing facilities.

WUZDA has been supporting educational institutions with hand washing equipment and latrine facilities to help deal with issues of “difficulty in access” in the WASH sector at the institutional level.

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