Press Release – World Menstrual Hygiene Day – 2021

28th May, 2021

Statistics show that about 50% of the world’s female population; 26% of the global population, are of the reproductive age. Averagely, a woman menstruates for about seven years during her lifetime, between 4 and 7 days within the month.

On a day the world commemorates the “Menstrual Hygiene Day – 2021”, WUZDA Ghana reminds all stakeholders to continue to push in different ways to help create enabling environments for girls to have their menses without challenges, stay in school and have all the focus they need to learn.

According to one of “Nine key facts on menstruation” as captured on UNICEF website, “Many girls around the world do not have complete and accurate understanding of menstruation as a normal biological process. Educating girls before their first period and importantly, boys on menstruation, builds their confidence, contributes to social solidarity and encourages healthy habits. Such information should be provided at home and at school”.

In Ghana, more than a half of girls of menstruation age miss school due either to a lack of understanding of what it is, lacking pads to take care of themselves, or schools lacking WASH facilities for girls to change during the period.

Various health and academic researches on menstruation especially in rural Northern Ghana continue to show that about half of girls on menstruation do not go to school during their menses.

This contributes to the ineffectiveness of schooling for these girls, which has a long term effect on their future and the development of the nation.

Under the After 24 Years before Marriage (A24Y) Project, now scaled up to “Optimized A24Y – Policy Prioritization as Factor”, funded by Mundo Cooperante, WUZDA Ghana is supporting 100 girls of the prisons school complex with reusable menstrual products such as pads and panties, as well as education and monitoring on menstruation to help for them to stay in school during their period.

The theme for World Menstrual Hygiene Day – 2021 is “Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health”.

According to experts, the poorest sections of the society have been the worst affected in accessing menstrual hygiene products during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

We therefore call on the government to as a matter of urgency, focus on increasing the investments in especially schools in rural areas with WASH facilities and hygiene products, for girls to be able to go back and stay in school at the end of every month during their menstrual period.

We encourage girls to remain confident and not feel stigmatized against, and always speak out on the challenges you face regarding your menstruation.

Happy World Menstrual Hygiene Day!!!

Shaibu Awudu (Media and Communications Officer)

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