WUZDA Ghana Urges Farmers To Utilize Waste In Producing Compost For Their Farms

The Wuni Zaligu Development Association (WUZDA) is urging farmers in the Northern Region to subscribe to the management of waste by producing compost with them for positive yield on their farms.

The training coordinator at the Wuni Zaligu Development Association Mr. Abdul Ganiyu said WUZDA is engaged in educating farmers on the production of compost using waste because it has proven to be effective on crops.

Mr. Ganiyu spoke to Shaibu Awudu on the Morning Show on Might FM, The Flight.

He said both liquid and solid waste generated within our communities, could be used for much more beneficial activities rather than disposing of them sometimes improperly, thereby bringing various sicknesses into our communities.

He called on assemblies to channel resources into educating local farmers on the benefits of recycling waste which could, in the long run, cut down on the amount of money they are needed to spend in managing waste.

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