Press Statement: World Rainforest Day – 2020

It is important for all humans to make efforts at contributing to preserving biodiversity, as it has a huge impact on human survival.

The Amazon rainforest alone provides up to 20% of the oxygen human beings around the world breathe and the freshwater we drink.

They are also responsible for the absorption of carbon dioxide and the stabilization of climate.

22nd of June each year, is used to recognize how precious the Amazon Rainforest is to human life, without which, life will be extinct.

The day is also used to identify and discuss ways by which the natural resource could be preserved for the benefit of generations.

Our own contributions to making this a reality as an organization, include the use of the drip irrigation technology to help farmers in rural communities in the preservation of their scarce water sources.

These farmers, most of whom depend on their farming to feed their families, have problems year – in year – out with the availability of water, due to the long term drought experienced by the northern part of Ghana.

For this reason, the farmers needed a mechanism that helps for them to utilize the limited resource of water they depend on for all their activities, including farming.

As an organization, we are wary of international protocols and national policies that seek to coordinate the various activities of stakeholders aimed at preserving the biodiversity.

WUZDA Ghana is a member of the Civil Society’s Platform on the Sustainable Development Goals which is leading in a coordinated manner, as well as to shine light on the activities and efforts by the civil society on all that is being done to make the SDGs attainable.

Ghana’s Environmental Policy which was enacted in 1995 gives clear definition to what the nation is expected to do to preserve precious natural resources for the sustenance of human life.

It states some of the challenges faced by the environment, which affect human survival as land degradation, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water pollution, urbanization, etc.

Climate change is seen as the major effect on the environment and to the loss of livelihood by many.

We at WUZDA Ghana will continue to ramp up efforts at contributing to preserve the environment which include our water bodies.

Our rural communities in the northern parts of Ghana depend heavily on dams and dugouts as sources of water for drinking and for other activities.

We will also continue to advocate for governments to step up efforts in the implementation of policies aimed at providing potable water for rural communities.

The “One Village One Dam” policy by the government would have been a solution many of the water problems faced by numerous rural communities, but for the poor implementation and partisan politicization approach that has characterized it by both the party in power (NPP) and the opposition (NDC).

We encourage people to avoid cutting down trees without growing more and desist from burning bushes, as all these are activities that contribute to depleting the Ozone layer, thereby making Climate Change extreme.

We wish things were done differently, with commitment and political will for all of life to be preserved and the future generations to benefit.

Happy World Rain Forest Day 2020!!!


<strong>Shaibu Awudu (Media and Communications)


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