WUZDA Ghana Provides Communities with Credit Support to Boost their Trading Activities

WUZDA Ghana, through its Income Generation Credit Support for women in the Northern Region, has disbursed a total of GH¢31,800.00 to four groups, mostly women, in four rural communities in the Northern Region to help them improve their income levels and make life better for their households.

This initiative is under the Livelihood Initiatives Program, which is one of many thematic areas through which WUZDA Ghana intervenes in rural areas in northern Ghana, to sustainably improve the economic conditions and living standards of the people.

The support program is also incorporated into the organization’s Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) initiative.

The four groups that received this credit support are Tears of Widows Foundation in Zogbeli, Wunzooya group in Manguli, Suglo nbori buni in Bamvim Dohini and Zisung ni Teenaba in the Zieng community.

The groups, cumulatively, consist 55 members, most of whom are women involved in trading activities that largely support the management of the home including taking care of children’s education and health needs.

The group members involved in various trading activities were looking forward to expand, which made the support from WUZDA Ghana come at a better time for them.

Most of these women involved in petty trading, almost winded up their activities after COVID – 19 rendered shocks to many retail businesses and petty trading activities across the country.

Some of the group members who have been speaking to the Communications Department of WUZDA Ghana say they got to a point where their trading activities were almost grounded, due to the COVID – 19 pandemic which affected global and national economies.

According to them, the credit support has come to bring them back on their feet, while they see signs of things getting even better than they used to be before COVID – 19.

As part of this support, 20 women who are widows and belong to the Tears of Widows Foundation also benefitted from a total of GH¢14,400.00 credit to boost their income generation activities.

For some of these widows, they had reached a point where there is no hope for them after their late husbands’ families have deserted them and their children, seizing all properties they toiled with their husbands to acquire.

These women have since been struggling with their children, with some of the children dropping out of school due to lack of support for their education.

The women have been expressing their gratitude to WUZDA Ghana for the timely support and intervention, which is making them smile again, together with their children.

The Suglo nbori Buni group in Bamvim Dohini, with 19 members, has received a total of GH¢12,600.00 for various trading activities both within the community and outside.

These 55 women in total in the various communities are now smiling and engaging in their trading activities to support the growth and development of their children, as they pay this money back in highly flexible and interest free terms, to help for it to be extended to others who are also in need.

Wunzooya Women Group in Manguli at a meeting to review their contributions on the VSLA and Credit Support

WUZDA Ghana, as an organization that is interested in the development and well – being of residents of rural communities who are vulnerable, looks to expand this credit support to reach even more communities with more partnership.

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