Press Statement: International Youth Day – 2020

It is election year in Ghana and in 4 months, the nation goes to the polls. The future of the youth is dependent on the outcome of every general elections.

The youth are expected to be the backbone of the development workforce of every nation, however, the limited or no opportunities in developing nations like Ghana, end up making the youth unresourced enough to contribute to development.

According to statistics of a survey conducted by H. Plecher in July, 2020, Ghana’s youth unemployment rate stands at 9.16 percent, as of the end of 2019.

WUZDA Ghana finds this reality very worrying, especially with a country that has political parties make it integral parts of their manifestos, only to abandon ideas on youth empowerment after winning elections.

This year, election violence has been spotlighted as the continuation of a menace that needs the attention of all and sundry to be severely dealt with.

We find the use of young people and the youth in general, by politicians for perpetuating trouble, a trend that needs to be stopped.

But how do we stop this? It is by ensuring that the youth take their future into their own hands and civil society takes leadership of the fight and steps into the empowerment drive to open the eyes of the youth to realities.

The youth must know that predators would always take advantage of preys that do not form any protection for themselves, by building their capacities.

The youth have the power to stop violence in our elections if they are empowered well enough to pay close attention to promises made by politicians on youth policies and youth empowerment, and go ahead to demand implementation, with threats of no vote if promises are not fulfilled.

The youth have that power, they must use it!

Politicians have failed the youth and it is time they rose up to the occasion to demand!

The youth must demand for the formulation of youth development laws and policies and pile pressure for their implementation.

Arise youth! Engage for action!

“Youth Engagement for Global Action” is a call we support!

Happy International Youth Day!!!


Shaibu Awudu (Media and Communications)

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