WUZDA Ghana Trains Staff On Tools Needed To Implement A Successful Project

WUZDA Ghana’s staff especially those involved in field work have received an intensive training on how they can use some available tools to make and report gains on projects.

The training drew the staff’s attention to new tools that can be employed in the spirit of ‘innovation and technology’, to help implement a project successfully.

The training is necessary at this point since the organization is preparing to scale up its implementation of the “Farm Promoting Urban Waste for Food and Livelihood Security” project.

The project which is in its second year of a pilot, has shown some key signs of progress according to report on a joint mid-term review exercise conducted by WUZDA Ghana as the implementing partner, and Bread For The World which is the donor agency for the project.

Led by the training coordinator for WUZDA Ghana, Mr. Ibrahim Abdul Ganiyu, the three day training rehashed on some key tools the field staffs are already privy to, including the necessity of communication, facilitation at the community level, monitoring and supervision, observation, etc.

The VSLA concept was taken a close look at, as some issues that arose from its implementation were discussed and addressed, to help the marketing team know how better to approach the concept in the next phase of the project.

Mr. Ganiyu stressed on communication as he ran through all the areas of importance to implementing a good project and consolidating gains.

According to the Programme manager of WUZDA Ghana, Mr. Abdul Karim Ziblim who passed through the training briefly, each of the tools required to have a successful project implementation cannot work without key consideration to effective communication.

Mr. Karim stressed that for an activity to produce results at the community level, which in fact will trickle down to having impacts on the project beneficiaries, effective communication has to be at the center of all activities in engaging the members of the particular community.

Training Coordinator Mr. Ganiyu emphasized the point about why communication and facilitation skills are necessary for an officer to achieve results both at the community level and on analysis of information gathered from the field.

He added that field staff should see data gathering and analysis as a very important activity before, during and after project implementation.

He gave some hints on how to gather data from the field and how to effectively analyze it for the needed gains to be consolidated for outcome and long term impact analysis.

Mr. Ganiyu charged the officers to effect everything that was discussed and practicalize them at the community level to ensure the next phase of the project brings out more results than the pilot which is phasing out in a few months.

Field officers of the project who participated in the training included the project officer, governance and accountability officer, drips technical supervisor and the credit marketing officer.

Some of the officers made inputs and assured themselves of making the key tools showed them practical and not treat it as just theory.

They said they will ensure that they apply the tools exactly as they should, to make the next phase of the project successful.

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