WUZDA Ghana Introduces New Latrine Design Known As Ecosafe

WUZDA Ghana and its partner artisans in the latrine and sanitation module, have unveiled a new design called the Ecosave.

The Ecosave is an environmentally friendly latrine which ensures safety of the household in terms of usage and ease of accessibility.

This type of design is made to look like the Ecosan but has a different finish in terms of design.

This latrine does not need to be buried too much in the ground, thereby limiting usage of space during installation.

Unlike the Ecosan which stores the feacal matter for use as compost after sometime, the Ecosave has bacteria introduced into its substructure that feed on it and after digestion, bring out the final waste which goes out through a soak away.

The feacal matter does not stay in the system to allow for any attraction of flies or emanation of smell.

This system is suitable especially for urban communities because of the limited space required for its installation and for the fact that not constant suction of the feacal matter is needed.

WUZDA Ghana Sanitation Market

WUZDA Ghana has interest in helping city planners to do a good job of planning the cities and preventing them from disasters such as flood, hence the introduction of this type of latrine.

Technical coordinator for WUZDA Ghana, Ibrahim Abdul Ganiyu speaking to Klink Consult indicated that this design was introduced to take care of the difficulties that occur in finding space for installation of latrines, the release of a harmful gas containing methane since the end product from the bacteria is washed away through a soak away, therefore, making it environmentally friendly.

WUZDA Ghana also hopes to achieve the purpose of helping communities cut the cost of maintaining latrines and the prevention of diseases that result from feacal matter being washed into water bodies.

The first quarter of WUZDA Ghana’s project with the Bread For The World has seen a major activity of a mid-year evaluation which is expected to open up a new phase of the project to both the funder and the implementation partner, WUZDA.

Watch out for our next update for the second quarter, in the next month.

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