Program Officer Shows Satisfaction over work on Group’s Vegetable Farm

Program Officer for WUZDA Ghana, Ibrahim Abubakar says the vegetable farm cultivated by the group in Duunying gives him much hope that the ‘Farm Urban Waste for Livelihood and Food Security’ project will succeed massively.

The project, funded by German donor ‘Bread for The World’ is being piloted in six communities across the northern region of Ghana.

Each community is being supported with ruminants like sheep for rearing and for use of their excreta for compost preparation and to be applied on their vegetable farms.

The farmers in the selected communities are also given technical training on how to use household waste, both solid and liquid to enrich their vegetable farms.


The drip irrigation program is used to help the farmers treat waste water from their household activities to water their farms to help improve yield and cut water usage since there is not enough water especially in the dry season.

Each community in terms of a group has a vegetable farm where collectively, all the trainings given to the farmers are practicalized and this serves as a pivot for learning and extension to their individual farms.


At a training exercise for farmers in all the communities on compost preparation, Ibrahim Abubakar praised the Duunying community for taking very good care of their vegetable farm and for making it serve as a torch light for the other communities.

He said WUZDA Ghana is very happy to learn that the Duunying community spends time to take care of the farm by watering it through the drip irrigation system and taking care of all unnecessary weed that grow around the vegetables.


He admonished all the other communities to learn from what Duunying has done and apply those principles on their own farms to help for the purpose of the pilot project to be achieved because that is the only way an extension of the project would be granted.

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